How to Fix up a Broken Windscreen So You Can Make It to a Workshop!

Sometimes you simply can’t afford to fix a broken car window immediately, or you just need to get to work before you can visit the mechanic. If you need a temporary fix for your broken windscreen or window, to protect you from the weather and keep you safe, then this article will give you the ideal helpful tips and advice.

Why Is It Important to Cover Your Broken Car Window?

Even though you may intend to take your car in to get properly fixed as soon as you can, it’s still important to cover up your window in the meantime. A window cover protects the inside of your car from the elements, so that if it rains, snows, or is particularly windy, your car won’t get damaged. It improves the aesthetic appeal of your car as well, because your car will look quite dodgy and run-down if you leave it with a smashed window. Also, when you clean up the window you’ll remove any dangerous shards of glass that could have hurt you. Your car will be less of an obvious target for a thief too, because they might not notice that it isn’t real glass in your window.

Quick, Temporary Fixes for Your Broken Car Window:

The best temporary covers to use for your broken car window are a plastic bag, packing tape, or a plastic sheet. It needs to be something water-proof, and easy to stretch across the window and secure tightly – so something like cardboard wouldn’t work.

How to Attach the Window Cover:

  • Clean up the window area:

There will be shattered glass everywhere, and shards of glass that haven’t dislodged from the window yet might be sticking up dangerously. Put on some gloves for safety, and use a hammer to gently remove the glass shards from the window. Then vacuum the inside of the car to remove any pieces of glass that have fallen on the floor or seats. Wipe the door and window seal with a moist cloth to get rid of any glass dust and dirt, so that your temporary window cover will stick properly to the door.

  • Apply the cover:

The best way to apply the window cover is from the inside, as this means it will be properly sealed, and will look much neater and less conspicuous. Simply stretch the plastic material across the window until it’s tight, then tape it securely. This will ensure it doesn’t flap or break, and will almost look like glass unless someone looks closely. If you use transparent packing tape for the cover, apply the tape one strip at a time and make sure they overlap.

Why Professional Window Replacement Is Necessary

After applying a temporary fix to your broken car window, it’s still important to invest in a professional windscreen replacement as soon as possible. It’s dangerous not to have a proper window, as someone could break in easily, and your vision could be obscured. When choosing an autoglass replacement company, make sure you choose a reputable, experienced team that will ensure your car is roadworthy and safe.

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