Symptoms depend upon the cyanotoxin involved however include stomach pain, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, liver injury, and neurological symptoms similar to muscle weak point or dizziness. The adoption of harmonised guidelines on travelling with pets has made it easier for EU residents and their canines, cats or ferrets to benefit from the freedom of motion within the Union. This important step was made attainable by dramatic advances made in the fight in opposition to rabies.

  • “Now that every thing’s okay, I just feel like a weight’s been lifted for sure,” stated Savoie, minutes after being reunited with Callie.
  • The marketing has been fairly good and trailer suggests a good time on the cinema.
  • Chew toys manufactured from rawhide not solely occupy canines but give them something to keep their minds off meals.
  • Dogs cool themselves by panting and by sweating via their paws.
  • The Desperate Housecats program has saved the lives
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